The flat face couplings are made to avoid the leakage during the operations of connection and disconnection (no-drop).
For this reason they are mainly used in those applications where the fluid passage is particularly dangerous, fine, or must not come into contact with external agents.

The connection of the two parts, can be done by simply pushing the male part on the female part, while the disconnection happens by retraction of the movable ring placed on the female part.

The standard seals are O-ring on Viton and are assembled on:
- Piston-pin on the female part (which acts as obturator)
- Male part inwardly, in touch with female part during connection
- Female part inwardly, in order to prevent any fluid leakage
- Threaded fittings

Other seals can be fitted on request: NBR, EPDM, Silicone, Karlez, FEP, PTFE.

Diameters: 3/8 "- ½" - ¾ "- 1" - 1 "1/4

Materials: AISI 316

Thread: BSPP standard, others on request NPT, UNF, BSP JIC

Working pressure:
200 bar for 3/8 "
170 bar for ½ "
140 bar for ¾ "and 1"
110 bar for 1 1/4 "