ERRE.DI. Automation also produces special locking elements according to particular needs of customers.

ERRE.DI. provides added value by means of our capabilities and availability starting with the design stage: the best synergies with clients are made possible when there is collaboration in the creation of new products.

Engineers at ERRE.DI. utilize the most advanced design software available on the market for the development of all components of the locks.
Design, manufacturing and testing are among the daily activities carried out at our facilities.


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The requirements include using a smaller element, extremely easy to install and/or replace in the system where is used: - Fewer parts of the production machine need to be displaced; - Eliminates the need to slide the blocking element along the whole length of the guide. ...

The series FRCF represents one of the best solutions for braking and locking of the drawn bars.

It ensures optimum clamping despite the low dimensional accuracy of drawn bars compared to the linear guides.